How do I add photos to my posts ?

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How do I add photos to my posts ?

Postby tipper » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:08 pm

Nearly every time a new member joins the forum they askthat age old question, 'how do I add photos of my new pride and joy to my posts ?'.
Well now all you will have to do is copy and paste the link to this post and Roberts your fathers brother the forum is full of more pictures of more beautiful LML's.

So how is it done ?

Step 1: Go to,
click 'sign in',
if you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can sign in using tour Facebook or Twitter log in details. If not you will have to click sign up now and follow the steps that guide you though creating an account.


Step 2:At the top of the window you will see a green button labelled 'upload', click it .......... go on click it !


Step 3:You will see a big green button labelled 'select photos and videos',dont be afraid,click it.You will then need to find the file where you have saved the pictures you want to add to your post and double click them.

Alternatively if you want to upload more than one photo hold down the button on your keyboard labelled 'Ctrl' and click on all the photos you want to upload and then click 'open'.


Step 4:The photos will now upload to photobucket,once the upload is complete click on the green button labelled 'view album'.


Step 5:You will now be taken to an album where all the photos you have uploaded will be displayed. Beneath each photo there is some information. You need to click on the information in the box labelled 'IMG code'. Once you have highlighted the code click with your right mouse button and then click 'copy'.



Step 6 (the final step):Return to the forum and navigate to the section where you want to post the photos, click the right mouse button and then click 'paste'. This will paste the code from your photo bucket account into the forum in the right format so that the forum software recognises it and displays the image once you have clicked submit.



Wasnt too difficult was it ?

Oh just one last thing.....

Every image on the internet will have an IMG code. For example if you found a picture of an amazing tree on google images that you wanted to share with the rest of us all you have to do is copy the img url.

On internet explorer you do this by right clicking on the image,click properties and then copying the Address (URL).


On Google Chrome you need to right click on the image and click copy image URL.


Im not sure how you do it with firefox because I dont use it but I am sure it will involve right clicking on the image and copying the 'Image address' or 'image URL'.

Once you have the Image address copied return to the forum,navigate to the section where you want to post the picture of the amazing tree and click the little button labelled 'Img' at the top of the window.

Two bits of code that look like this will pop up and your cursor will automaticaly move inbetween the brackets. All you need to do is right click and click paste finish writing your post,click submit and you're done !

Now the forum can marvel in the amazingness that is that amazing tree :D

Hopefully this post has been helpful and answered a few questions for you, now get posting and show us your scoot ;)
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Re: How do I add photos to my posts ?

Postby Geezer » Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:00 am

If you already have your photos on Facebook, then you can just right click on the photo, go to properties, copy the property address and then once you've clicked the Img tab on here you can paste your copied address between the bracket sets.

Just thought I'd add this as that's how I do it seeing as I usually just upload all my pics to Facebook in the first place, plus it re-sizes them nicely for you.
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