Oh My God its Fallen off!!!!

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Oh My God its Fallen off!!!!

Postby ShouldKnowBetter » Wed Oct 12, 2016 11:11 pm

Hi All,
What an introduction to the world of scootering!
I picked up my 66 plate LML 200 4T Star on Friday just gone. This is technically my second scooter, but only the first one which wasn't in pieces( well it wasn't when I picked it up on Friday :o ).
I had a little razz around on Friday afternoon and found it was a little lumpy on the throttle but I was assured that this was because it was new and the engine was tight, anyway I was still smiling from ear too ear :D .
Decided to go for a ride on Saturday morning and then ride over and show father in law( scooter boy in the sixties ) my new toy, when I got round to his house, parked on the drive and we were having a walk round when he noticed a drip coming from the scooter, on further investigation it turned out to be fuel and the dripping only stopped when the fuel was switched off. I couldn't really see where it was coming from so whipped the seat off and the fuel tank ( once I had got one of the cross threaded nuts off :o :evil: ) once I had the fuel tank off I could see that the fuel line had a split in it and also a breather pipe to the air box was completely torn. I couldn't believe it!!!!! I had only covered 58kms :o . I called the dealer I had bought it from and told him I was bringing it back, not wanting to burst into flames whilst riding it, my father in law offered to chuck it onto his little Eriba trailer and tow it down for me ( Bless him ). We lashed it on the trailer with ratchet straps and set off. All was well for a couple of miles until we hit a pothole and my brand spanking pride and joy slid right off the back of the trailer........!!!!!! :o :o :o OMFG! I felt sick. The right panel took the brunt of the hit but luckily father in law managed to stop straight away, it ground through the panel, smashed the number plate, indicator and pulled the neutral wire out of the back of the engine.
We managed to get it back on the trailer and to the dealer. To there credit the topman at the dealers put my mind at rest straight away and said that if the fuel line hadn't of burst then I wouldn't have had to put it on the trailer and so agreed to make all repairs gratis.!
I'm still waiting on getting it back and it hasn't put me off scootering either but it wasn't an ideal introduction. :(
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Re: Oh My God its Fallen off!!!!

Postby mikey 69 » Thu Oct 13, 2016 5:24 am

Like to know who the dealer is as that is a bit up to find them doing gratis repairs.
Understand whybut still very up of them.
Glad you are ok, however if you look at this as your first "off" then you arent due an accident for years ! :D
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Re: Oh My God its Fallen off!!!!

Postby Shaunbond » Thu Oct 13, 2016 5:02 pm

I felt sick just reading it... great to hear of such good and compassionate service from the dealer.
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Re: Oh My God its Fallen off!!!!

Postby Lusciousthelock » Sun Oct 16, 2016 6:51 am

Eeek! Glad it's getting sorted. Welcome!
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Re: Oh My God its Fallen off!!!!

Postby Laurie » Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:42 am

Oh blimey - a total horror story.

Its enough to put you off for life this sort of thing but .... stay with it. Its a mathmatical certainty that the odd one slip the net so to speak.
Trust me on this .... ive often thought that my net had a massive hole in it!

Just get this matter out of the way then you have got new year new start riding to come.

Just bad luck than judgement.
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