fmp says hy from vienna/austria

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fmp says hy from vienna/austria

Postby freakmoped » Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:40 am

hy mates from vienna /austria

scooterist, vespa hobby mechanic, motorbiker, beachcruiser

1) analog guides on my homepage

2) digtal guides auf YOUTUBE
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Re: fmp says hy from vienna/austria

Postby freakmoped » Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:01 am

fmp otuning guide

my 2006 otuning guide is in revision, it will become a
otuning & rotary valve guide all tips around the vespa engine in one guide
and also available in english this time

youtube FMPguides

i also made some guides over the last years, so called FMPguides
the first one was 3 years ago due to the ongoing myth in the GSF that
blowback is caused by crank timings and 75° is not driveable anymore
it was this one, to show that these online infos are simply wrong.

a few example about regulary discussed problems around vespa service & tuning:

ever wondered how an engine looks like and how long he will survive if you forget the gearbox oil? screwed engine, the answer is 500km:

the 7 si fuel supply tips to be happy :)

why the cosa fuel chamber cover CAN´t solve the fuel supply issue
its a wrong online info in forums and online shops

beware of some fuel taps, they suck at reserve and even stop completelly at normal:

how2 make a fast flow fuel tap by yourself

the THROTTELED vespa px si air filter issue...

how2 take out the engine in 15min

how2 take out the clutch in 10min

the grabbing clutch reasons

the 2 clutch separation tests

the oldknown problem with the too thin flaps/plates

honda cr80/100 clutch facings for COSA clutch

the new honda px clutch by teninch

the oilsucker problem of all vespa largeframe engines

how2 close an engine focusing on the weak spot of the engine case
avoiding oilsucker

the problem with the really bad crankcases younger than 2001

is a defected rotary valve issue, not a crank issue
see defect vs repaired:

polini 218 with long (no blowback) vs polini 177 with shorter timings (blowback!!) cause the rv is defect:

how2 check the rotary valve

good crank bad crank game
second one is a new LML crank

what can happen when the pressfit is too low, shown with a brandnew (!) crank:

how2 measure cylinder timings

how2 set the ignition

px200 otuning fmpimped, how it looks like

make a POLINI177 out of a cheap DR177

to come soon:
x) pnp tuning guide
x) inlet timings guide


all FMPguides

vespa exhaust soundchecks

blowback issue and solution

fuel supply tips

oilsucker problem & the solution

drive safe!
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