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200 4T guide.

Postby tipper » Fri Sep 27, 2013 12:40 pm

Read about my 4000 mile trip across America on on 200 4t here.
Here is a quick guide for any 4T 200 owners or for people who are thinking about buying a 4T 200. Hopefully it will answer most common questions that people have. If anybody thinks of anything useful that should be added to the guide please let me know.

Specification (taken from the LML Italia website):-

[color=#0000FF]'The new 200 cubic centimetre engine, with maximum power of 8.6 kW and torque of 14.5 Nm which allow high performance at high and low rpms, is equipped with a series of catalytic converters and an innovative secondary air system which makes it Euro 3 compliant.
The FAST (Flexible Air Suction Technology) system, which makes the engine unique, was made with flexible rubber tubing mounted on a filter box which moves together with the engine, thereby avoiding clogging of the air filter and obtaining greater engine performance.
Also, the entirely new engine, which has a different weight distribution with the load distributed more on the front axle, transforms the balance of the scooter, providing a more balanced and compact. An innovative sensation that will not escape the Star 4T 200cc rider, with mileage at 50 km/litre.
The Star 4T 200cc clutch was also completely redesigned with innovative bell discs. The new clutch, which is equipped with a pressure plate with ball bearings, 5 cork channels and 4 conductors, is characterised by its ease of handling in changing gears. Finally, a new lubrication system, with external infeed, is functional to serve the cylinder head and to obtain low friction.'



The early 200 4t's were notoriously difficult to start with the electric starter button due to the high compression. LML decided to use the same battery that is used on the 125/150 models and it simply didnt have enough grunt to turn the 200 engine over fast enough to start the scooter.

As a result of this LML designed a decompression cam shaft a full description and pictures of the camshaft can be found here

http://www.lmlocgb.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtop ... aft#p89060 .

A recall was issued and any 200's suffering from the starting problem could be taken back to a dealer to have the replacement cam shaft and in some cases a replacement cylinder head fitted for free.

Others found success simply replacing the battery with a more powerful gel type whole some people just used the kick start like a 'real man'.

All new 200 4T scooters come with the modified de-compression cam shaft fitted by the factory so if you are buying a new LML the work has already been done.

I have had the replacement cam shaft fitted to both my 200's and have never had any issues with starting my scooter with the electric start. It turns out the decompression cam is a fairly common feature on modern bikes so touch wood there wont be any long term issues with it.

Fuel starvation:

Anyone who has read Scootering magazine's review of the LML 200 knows about the fuel starvation issues which seem to occur during long periods of wide open throttle riding (motorways/dual carriageways). The affected scooters would splutter and feel like they were running out of fuel until the rider backed off the throttle.

Not all scooters were affected by the fuel starvation problem,it seems its all part of the LML lottery.

To fix the issue a few dealers were issued with a tool to adjust the float height on the original Mikarb carbs.
Later LML issued a recall, 200 owners could take their scooter back to a dealer and have the carb swapped for a Keihin PB 20 free of charge which also solved the fuel starvation issue.

My first 200 was fitted with the original Mikarb carb. The dealer had adjusted the float height and I never had any problems.

My second LML was fitted with the Keihin PB 20 before it was delivered.Again I never experienced any fuel starvation problems but the scooter didn't feel quite a quick as it did with the Mikarb carb fitted.

I took the scooter to a dyno and discovered that it was running lean straight out of the factory.The main jet was an 88 (The mikarb and earlier Keihins are fitted with a 92 main) I can only assume the carb was jetted lean for emissions/fuel economy reasons.We adjusted the needle which helped richen things up a bit but I ended up swapping the Keihin back for the Mikarb and the scooter performed much better.

Moral of the story ?

By all means get the carb swapped for the Keihin before the scooter is delivered but also ask if you can keep the original Mikarb carb so that you can give them both a try and see which performs best.If you do decide to stick with the Keihin carb it may be a good idea to up jet to a 92 to be on the safe side, I will post a link to where you can buy jets at the bottom of this guide.


So after a month of fuckery and changing nearly every part of my scooter except for the frame I finally discovered the solution to the 200 4t,wide open throttle,half a tank or less fuel starvation problem. With some from our friends over on the Italian page.
The issue is the float bowl drains quicker than it fills up due to the tap and the carb being very close to being at the same height. This means you end up over jetting to compensate for the lack of fuel which in turn drains the bowl quicker.
The solution is to fit this vacuum operated pump. The pump fits straight on with no need for any restriction.
I ran mine -
larger pipe from tank to filter.
Smaller pipe from filter outlet to pump inlet.
Small pipe from pump outlet to carb.
Small diameter pipe from sas system carb manifold outlet to inlet on top of them pump (if you want to keep your sas system intact you could fit a T connector).
After a test ride I also down jetted from a 96 to a 93 to compensate for the extra fuel getting to the carb. The engine now feels and sounds healthier than ever.
I went for a ride on my normal two mile straight with 1/4 of a tank of fuel. Normally my scooter would splutter about half way down this road with the throttle wide open but with the pump fitted I managed to do a couple of laps with no issues at all.
Obviously it's early days and the issue may still occur on a longer ride. Only time will tell but early signs are very good.
It will also be interesting to see how fuel consumption is effected.
It has to be this specific pump to get the correct flow rate.

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152071833597? ... EBIDX%3AIT

(swapping the carb may void your warranty so get a dealer to do it or keep it to yourself ;))

Clutch biting point :

The 200 is fitted with a motorcycle style clutch to handle the extra torque the engine produces. The clutch is not the same as the one fitted to the 150/125 or 2 stroke models.

The clutch is very smooth and easy to operate but the biting point is set very high.For some people this isnt an issue and they quickly get used to it but I prefer my clutch to bite a little earlier. I swapped my levers for some PM pro street adjustable ones which solved the issue and let me set the biting point where ever I wanted it + as a bonus they look damn cool !
http://www.pmtuning.co.uk/pro-street-le ... -millenium

Selecting first gear:

When the scooter is new it can be difficult to select first gear. This is totally normal and will improve as the scooter loosens up but in the mean time it sometimes helps to give the scooter a few revs while slowly letting the clutch out and turning the grip to select first. The scooter should clunk into first so that you can pull the clutch back in until you are ready to pull away.

To summaries all of the serious issues have been addressed and rectified by LML. Before you buy a scooter ask the dealer/seller if its had the modified cam shaft fitted and ask what carb it has fitted if it has the Keihin ask if you can also have the original Mikarb carb.

Clutch cover bolt

Some 200 owners reported that the rear tyre was rubbing on one of the clutch cover bolts. Obviously this is pretty dangerous so a recall was issued and dealers were advised to check the rear tyre clearance and ground down the clutch cover bolt/stud if needed.

Ask your dealer if this has been done and check the clearance yourself before you accept the scooter.



Ignore what is on the dipstick, decent motorcycle 10W40 is the correct oil to use in your scooter.

Spark plug

Here are the model numbers you need,


Or for a little performance boost (proven on a dyno by myself) get yourself a Brisk plug.You can order them from here (very fast delivery) http://www.lpg-kits.com/buyplugs.htm

The plug you need as a AOR14LGS,you will also need to swap the spark plug cap for an NGK model LBO5E.

4T 200-2T Differences:


Standard PX seats (with exception of the Yankee) will not fit the 4T models due to the raised tanks. There are genuine LML aftermarket seats available from any LML dealer or you can buy an ancilotti style seat from SIP.


The 200 has redesigned indicators so standard px lenses/indicator grills will not fit. As far as I know there are no aftermarket lenses/accessories available at the moment.


I have managed to fit a Volvo style backrest/rack combo with no modifications. I have heard that other racks/back rests fit with out issue where as some need a bit of a tweak. Its best to ask on the forum before purchasing just to make sure.

Genuine LML racks are available from any LML dealer.

Useful links:-

Ram air filter:The ram air filter is a nice simple mod that makes the 4T sound much nicer and makes the air filter much easier to clean.

There is an interesting post on the filter here - http://www.lmlocgb.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtop ... =16&t=7021
You can buy the filter from here (very fast delivery) - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/271134337674? ... 1497.l2649

Be careful not to over tighten the jubilee clip or you could split the rubber and make sure you up jet your carb (I have a 95 main fitted and tested on a dyno).
Changing the air filter may void your warranty.


Any modification to the engine may require you to up jet your carb.

This kit should give you every jet you will need to cater for any minor modifications- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290964153140? ... 1497.l2649

Buying a set of ten works out cheaper than buying the jets individually and it means you have a range to experiment with in case of any future modifications.These jets fit both the Keihin and Mikarb carbs.

Valve Clearance

Checking your valve clearances ?

This tool will make it a breeze- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270904306880? ... 26_rdc%3D1

Useful video

This video is for the 125/150 models but most things also apply to the 200- http://vimeo.com/20618680

Top Speed ?:

Here a couple of videos I filmed comparing the top speed of a 150 2T and a 200 4t. The top speed information is in the videos description.

2T 150 - http://youtu.be/Jo-XkWAotlM

4T 200 - http://youtu.be/4ITr_xM4bNk

You can download a copy of the 200 4t workshop manual here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/108 ... L2004T.pdf

I think that's it for now, I will update this guide when necessary.

Thanks for reading and happy scootering !
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