Stand height!

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Stand height!

Postby Harps18TV » Sat May 27, 2017 2:03 pm

This is probably of no interest to all you musclebound youngsters, but may be a revelation to any female riders or other ageing old f*rts like me, who sometimes struggle to get the bike on its stand - I passed my test on a Lambretta 150 Pacemaker in 1964 - as they say on the tv ads, "you do the maths!"
To get to the point, I was going to fit a side stand to my 200 4T to make life easier, but then I looked at the front wheel which must have been about 3 inches above the road when the bike is parked & thought that I`m having to lift the bike up there every time I park, no wonder it`s a struggle! I lay the bike over on the lawn (after I drained the tank a bit) & pulled off one plastic foot & realised that the metal stand was all burred on the bottom, so that was the first thing - the stand didn`t go right down inside the foot, but had cut into the plastic & jammed about half an inch or so above the bottom of the foot. I could have just filed a bevel around the bottom of the stand tube & put the foot back on, which would have improved things but thought that I would go one step further. I cut three quarters of an inch off the bottom of each side of the stand tubes, filed them flat, filed a bevel around each tube end & put the feet back on with a bit of grease.
The difference is amazing, the front wheel is about half an inch above the road when the bike is on its stand & it`s soooo easy to get it there now that I think I will keep the bike until I`m 80, or whenever the spares run out, whichever comes first!!!
If anyone out there thinks of doing the same, here`s the disclaimer, don`t use my measurements, measure your own bike to see how much, if any, stand you can remove!
As a very rough guide, whatever you cut off the stand will drop the front wheel by about twice as much.
Ride safe.
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