GPR exhaust note

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GPR exhaust note

Postby Harps18TV » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:53 pm

Being a bit past my youth, I did find that the GPR was a bit on the noisy side & felt a bit guilty now & again when I had to creep past the odd horse & rider on the back roads round here - there are a fair number of horses around now & I know that they should be used to traffic, but a lot are ridden by youngsters who obviously find some of the spirited horses a bit of a handful! :oops:
Anyway, I removed my exhaust tail pipe (the bit that`s held on with the spring) with the thought of taking the edge off that bark created by the 200 if I could. After a few minutes looking I decided that the easiest way without changing the exhaust & spoiling it was to use about a 5/16 nut & bolt about 3/4 inch long & two suitably sized washers that were just bigger than the central exit hole in the tail piece of the system. The centre of the exhaust is sort of bell shaped, so a suitable washer just sits in that bell shape quite snugly. I did take out the part of the system that is held in place by the big circlip at the end, & had to tap it out as it is a close fit, but you could do the job without that extra effort. The bolt & one washer on it is put up the back of the pipe to rest in that central exit hole (a bit like a suppository!) & then the other washer & nut are put on the bolt on the other side of the hole & tightened up so the central hole is blanked off by the two washers - easy. There are still 10 or a dozen smaller holes around the inside of the exhaust to let the gasses out. I dot punched the thread so the nut didn`t shake off but locktite would probably survive the heat. It`s a simple job if you find your system a bit noisy & you have a box of old nuts/bolts/washers & 10 minutes to spare, & you can always take it out if you want to annoy the neighbours again.
I have just ridden about 30 miles to try it & it certainly takes the edge off the noise, especially the popping on over run & doesn`t seem to affect the performance at all, so, being an old f*rt who likes a quiet life, I`m going to leave the "modification" in place. :D
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