SIP Tubless Rims Nuts Stripping Studs

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Re: SIP Tubless Rims Nuts Stripping Studs

Postby wacky » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:47 pm

Damn helpful thread. New LML, well 3 year old but a new set of wheels for me, and decided to fit two near conti tyres. Took two nuts off and then on third got suspicious as the nut came off with no pressure being applied. Realised the thread had been previously stripped on examination with only a tiny bit of thread left. Same with fourth. Fifth fine. Used a drill at rear side to drill into stud then filed down flat and used mole grips to unthread the stud. Two replacement studs fitted fine. Did notice however when looking at the other side of hub that two other studs have previously been replaced so at a guess I'd say one of the two previous owners might have tried fitting the original sip tubeless and had the issue, hence why two studs had been previously replaced. Didn't come with tubeless but with original rims totally unmarked and Indian Birla tyres still with bobbly mould bits untouched. So reckon it was a case of bung the original ones back on, sell it and forget!! Best part of a couple hours graft to get them out and new ones fitted but basically easy thanks to this thread and a second pair of hands so cheers all.
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