Scooter Maintenance Funnies

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Scooter Maintenance Funnies

Postby glscoot » Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:00 pm

Having read this again just for a laugh, sorry 'hippriest'


I thought, there must be other stories out there that we have all tried when trying to fix our pride & joy.

I can remember trying to remove my rear hub to get to the clutch and would it move, no, it just kept on turning. So I thought why don't I try and hold the back brake pedal down while at the same time loosen the rear hub nut. You can imagine the position I got myself into, arse straddling the seat, arse crack pointing in the direction of the main road, one foot on the rear brake pedal and the other trying to balance myself and the scooter while i was with all my effort trying to loosen the hub nut, what a fucking tit i must have looked because there was no chance this was going to work & it didn't. The worst thing was, my missus was standing beside me watching the scooter wouldn't fall.
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