fitted a sip road today, pros and cons

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fitted a sip road today, pros and cons

Postby rob h » Sat May 07, 2016 7:26 pm

Stage one was a cosa clutch, stage two was a Sip road 2. I removed a sito plus.The sip exhaust was nice looking, with a built in exhaust nut in a small holder welded to top rear. After two attempts I removed the holder as the nut would not line up with the exhaust bolt. I then found the Lml had virtually no hand clearance to hold the bolt with fingers. Their is a ridge in the floor unlike the vespa, and the engine seems tilted higher up.
I came up with a solution of taping the bolt into a spanner, and as I held it in place my wife turned the exhaust bolt! I have never had this problem with a vespa.
Performance wise it was a complete surprise, deeper quieter sound than the sito, but as I have a 3 port cylinder I was not expecting the cleaner rev power and the extra in each gear. I actually saw 60 lml speed quite quick to 55 then a steady rise to around 60 lml speed. Their was a headwind as well.
Stage 3 will be a pinasco Ali 177 sitting in a box with its matching 22mm carb.
And to top it off it was glorious weather!
rob h
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