fitted a pinasco 177 new type at last.

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fitted a pinasco 177 new type at last.

Postby rob h » Thu Jun 16, 2016 7:36 pm

After a few adjustments, that is grinding a little off the cylinder even though it was already designed for electric start, i started the scoot. It has a matching 22mm pinasco made si carb, nice quality. It was pre jetted amd fitted with a 112 main jet, so as I have a sip two exhaust I started at 116. It is very grunty, much louder than the 150 cylinder. I couldn't carb tune so I dropped to 115 and got a tickover, what a result in ten minutes.
I also added a 1% of oil to the petrol tank as pinasco instructions. I went on a slow run, the torque is great the slightest touch on the throttle gives a throaty response. I just did a couple of miles, and a plug chop. It was very dark brown and black soot, so running rich which is good for now. This is the newer pinasco with the large cylinder ports, bigger than the large 150 lml case ports, nearly twice of my piaggio cylinder! I have not port matched fully for now I will see if it is necessary later for what I want. I cannot get over the noise of the cylinder, it was not expected a real low grunty thud, thud , thud.
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