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Replacement Tyres (not this again lol)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:30 pm
by Lusciousthelock
Got my first puncture today. I thought while I had the wheel off and the spare fitted I would look at some better, maybe winter tyres. Currently fitted are MITAS B14. I thought the standard tyres were supposed to be crap, but so far these are nearly twice the price of something like the Mitchelin S1 I have found online. Are these stock tyres any good and not what used to be fitted?

I can't see what caused the puncture yet but the stock Dunlop innertube looks like it has some delaminating or scrubbing in places. Who make the best innertubes? I know going tubeless is safer, but I quite like the idea of carrying spare inner tubes for conveniance?

Re: Replacement Tyres (not this again lol)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:46 pm
by Robby
As I understand it, the Sava Mita's are, or can be, poor handling because they use a rather hard (for mileage purposes) tread compound.
This explaines why they are prone to washout if cornering with 'gusto' for lack of a better description.
It also explaines their poorer than average wet traction, something you folks on that side of the pond seem to deal with often. As far as snow (you are the only folks I've ever heard that do this) the tight tread design looks like it would snow pack in short order.

The riders over here, specifically those whoms riding style would be termed 'conservative' generally are happy with them.

I use Bridgestone HooP's......a fair balance of good wear and cornering traction along with affordability, but admit my riding style has become (I'm 66 yo) much more conservative with no rain (or any wet weather) riding so I am unable to comment on wet performance.

For me, the S1's would be an expensive overkill.

You mentioned evidence of tube scuffing.....have you aired up the tube to find the failure point yet? Drag a cloth inside the tire to see if the threads 'catch' somewhere. You may have a puncture or have the cords within breaking out and puncturing the tube.
In general, scuffing is caused by operating with low pressure or, when originaly mounted, the tube wasn't inflated/deflated several times to allow it to 'relax' in the confines of the tire.


Re: Replacement Tyres (not this again lol)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:46 pm
by Lusciousthelock
Actually I have found the culprit and I'm rather annoyed. It was the wheel itself haveing a rather nasty rusty burr on the inside of the rim. I'm sure this is an old stock scooter, rather than the 2016 last run it claims to be- but it was bought new in May and the inside of the wheel has more than one, volcanic rusty patches. It looks like they were there prior to being painted silver too :(