Mod 1 - All you need to know

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Mod 1 - All you need to know

Postby tipper » Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:22 pm

Ive just got back from the test centre after passing my Mod 1 with 0 faults :D

I thought I would compile a few tips for anyone who is thinking of doing their test on their scoot.

I paid 100 quid for a days training and to be honest I wish I hadn't bothered. One thing I was worried about was getting up to the required speeds (more on this in a bit) I thought that the training would have the full course laid out as well as a speed trap so that I could find out exactly how I had to ride to beat the test.But the training centre didn't have enough room to lay out the full course,nor did they have a speed trap which meant I left the training centre 100 quid poorer and non the wiser.
I spoke to a couple of other instructors at the test centre and they told me it is highly unlikely that any of the training centres would have enough room to lay out the full course.

If you have been riding for a few years you really wont need any training to pass the Mod 1. Watch a few videos on youtube to familierise yourself with the course,search the internet for any tips and tricks and you should pass with no problems at all.
If you are new to riding then a training day may be of some use just to practice your slow control, counter steering and emergency stops.

At the end of the day the test only costs 15 quid, you can either pay 100 quid to do some training on a course that isn't fully laid out with no speed trap or take your test 6 times on a fully laid out course with a speed trap for the same amount of money !
I know which I wish I chose !

Here is the official DSA Mod 1 walk through video, ... C6320C820D

2)Test day: Get a good nights sleep the night before and try not to think about it too much. Think of the Mod 1 as a fun thing to do and try and to forget about the test aspect of it. Get to the test centre early so you can watch other people taking the test, this will help you get to know the course.Don't get their too early like I did or you will have to sit around for ages getting more and more nervous !

Remember to wear all of your protective clothing helmet,gloves,protective jacket,good sturdy boots and a minimum of jeans. If you're not wearing the right stuff they will send you home.

Take with you your theory certificate, your CBT certificate and both parts of your license.

You don't need to take your v5 or proof of insurance but make sure you tax is in date.

Take some deep breaths calm yourself down and stay positive :D


Oh and make sure you turn your fuel tap on, I was half way through my figure of 8's when I realised I had left mine off and started praying that the fuel wouldn't run out before I completed the maneuver.

3)Manual handling:This sounds easy but it was one of the things I was worrying about. I wasnt sure if you were allowed to straddle the scooter when taking it on and off the stand, taking it off the stand when stood next to the scoot is sometimes a bit tricky.
It turns out you can take it on and off the stand any way you want as long as its safe.
You can also push your scooter from one box to the other in any way you want as long as its safe and as long as you do as many observations as humanly possible !

4)Slalom and figure of eight: These are fairly straight forward, take your time,look where you want to go and make your figures of 8 and wide as you want (within reason).

5)Slow ride: The examiner will walk behind you while you ride as if you were in slow moving traffic. All they are looking for is good clutch control, if you go too fast and start pulling away from them you will start picking up faults.

6)U turn:Make sure you check your shoulders before setting off and before you start the U turn. The lines which you have to turn within are miles apart so turning between them is very easy.Dont worry about indicating.

7)High speed maneuvers:This is what most people,especially on scooters worry about when really there is no need.
To pass you need to reach a speed of 50kph (32mph). If you reach 48 or 49 kph you will get a minor fault (your a allowed a total of 5 minor faults during mod 1).

Any bog stand de-restricted LML star 125 can reach 50kph in the required distance EASILY as long as you are not afraid to get some speed up and lean your bike into the bend you will have no problems.
People run into problems because they are afraid of taking the bend at speed. The tarmac at the test centre is amazingly grippy, you could enter that bend at 50mph and get your knee down in the wet and still not lose traction.
Keep the speed up through the bend and accelerate out and you will have no trouble at all.
I reached 54kph and 55kph during my test,my engine wasn't screaming and it felt like I was doing 20 !

8)Controlled stop:This is the first of the 'high speed' maneuvers and although your speed will not be recorded you can ask the kind man for the speed trap reading. This helps let you know if you need to go faster or slower for your hazed avoidance and emergency stop.Throttle off as soon as you are through the speed trap and stop with your front wheel between the cones.

9)Emergency stop:Accelerate out of the bend and pin the throttle open until you are through the speed trap,the examiner will signal you to stop as soon as you are through that trap so close the throttle and squeeze the front brake. Use as little back break as you can get away with, its easy to lock up the back wheel on an LML because the front suspension is so soft. If you do lock the back wheel you have failed and the test is over.
Try not to pull the clutch in until the last second this will help stop the back wheel from locking. If you stall the scooter its only a minor fault as long as you do it safely.
If you don't get up to the required speed you will get a second attempt and pick up a minor fault.
Malossi brake pads make a HUGE difference to your stopping distance and I highly recommend you fit them before taking the test.

10)Hazard avoidance:Again pick your speed up round the bend,lean the bike over and then throttle it through the speed trap. The swerve is pretty subtle and really nothing to worry about just look where you want to go and you will make it through easily.As soon as you are through the swerve throttle off and stop with any part of your scooter between the cones.

Thats the lot,

The examiner will then open the gate for you and ask you to leave the pad, remember to check over your shoulders before you do so.

He will then take you into his office,tell you if you have passed or failed and ask you what model your scooter is, tell him its an LML star deluxe he wont check,ring the dvla,ask to see your V5 or insurance document he will just check its on the list.If you tell him your scooter is a star then you will only be eligable for the A1 test which means you will be restricted to riding 125's when you pass.

Hopefully this is of use to some of you,if anyone has any questions feel free to ask ;)

Sorry if this doesnt make sense or is full of mistakes my blood is currently 98.76% adrenaline :lol:

Thanks to Tipper for the low down on he Mod 1

Remember folks - it all changes on 01/01/13 - get your tests done :D
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