Fuel gauge

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Fuel gauge

Postby Bubbles1987 » Mon May 01, 2017 1:05 pm

Hello when my ignition is off my fuel gauge needle goes all the way to the bottom and then when I start it the needle goes to the red but I have a full tank in there so should there be a pin to stop it going below the red thanks again
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Re: Fuel gauge

Postby Robby » Mon May 01, 2017 11:46 pm

No pin.....it just drops as far as it is mechanically permitted.

With the gas cap off can you see the float, uh, floating?
If so, the tank unit itself may be at fault (it is just a rheostat) or a wiring concern.
To check the wiring, remove the two tiny threaded nuts, lock washers, and flat washers (all are very small and easy to lose) and lift the plastic cap off.
One wire is a ground (earth to you folks on that side of the pond) and the other is power from the gauge (handlebar) itself.
Current flows from the gauge, to the sender, through the rheostat, and then to ground.

With engine running, remove/reinstall the ground wire....it may just be a loose fit....see what the gauge does.
If no change, pull the power lead off and reinstall, again checking for a poor connection.
If there is no change, insert a metal pin (cotter or such) into the power lead and hold it against the ground terminal. If the wiring is sound, and the gauge is functional, the meter will go all the way to full and beyond.
If this is the case, the sending unit in the tank is the culprit. I have found I can remove the plate that covers the rheostat (be gentle, bend the tabs just enough to get the plate off) and by holding the sender up as though installed, I can see if the sweep arm is contacting the rheostat windings along its full travel.

In most cases, the sweep arm is not making contact along its full travel. I have found I can slightly bend the float arm pivots to achieve full contact without excessive drag.
I performed this repair on my own machine around 10000 miles ago and it still operates perfectly.......I do have a new one on hand if it ever craps out though....so far (5 years) so good.

Good luck!

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