review of pinasco gran turismo 177 after running in.

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review of pinasco gran turismo 177 after running in.

Postby rob h » Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:36 pm

After 300 miles the alloy kit is now run in, first 100 around 40 mph, next 100 up to 50, last 100 up to 55 and a few blasts up to 60 mph. With the matching 22mm pinasco so carb(lovely quality, quick action) and sip road struggled to dial it in initially. Now have a 105 main jet, this surprised me but I am not fully ported just smoothed lml large ports. Rest is be3, 160.
Acceleration is excellent, the alloy kit allows higher revs, will easily keep up with standard 200, faster out of the bends and excellent on hills. I am on 21t gearing, you can feel the engine is undergeared but I am a big lad and like torque. It will do 70 mph on a long stretch, but easily accelerated to 55, then a short climb to 60, then the creep steady to a true 65mph. 62 mph is a cruising speed which suits me for long journeys. With 22t gearing you can add 5 mph to my speeds.
It is returning around 50 mpg, more if sensible.
My review is that the new pinasco cylinder with its larger porting and piston gives a middle ground in the 177 world, proven technology, good cruising speed and acceleration with alloy for cooling. It is a cracking touring cylinder. Before you ask, yes it easily out performs a lml 5 port kit in all departments. I keep up with most tuned vespa scooters up to 55 mph, and slowly creep up on them on longer stretches as I am not hovering over the clutch for fear of seizing! I can sit at 60 mph with no problems, I did 15 miles recently in headwinds at full throttle to maintain speed, then I later returned at 60 mph with back wind. This scooter kit suits my needs at my stage of scootering after many years on the road.
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Re: review of pinasco gran turismo 177 after running in.

Postby ricalnic » Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:36 pm

Nice one, good write up, am sure this is the type of feedback and sensible upgrade many look for. It would be interesting to get the next piece of your review after a gearing change. Good stuff, sounds like you got it spot on.
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