what new crank should get

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what new crank should get

Postby tottn15 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:27 am

Hi i have a 150 5 port reed valve engine and i want to change the crank as i am fitting a BGM 177 kit can someone let me know what crank a should use as i am new to the reed valve set up
thanks :D
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Re: what new crank should get

Postby rob h » Thu Dec 15, 2016 11:53 am

Ok the lml reed engine has a slightly smaller crank fuel intake than a older vespa. that is the actual amount of fuel allowed through on every turn. I have a standard vespa crank fitted, but it is an italian strengthened model. I have a pinasco alloy 177 on large lml cases, and it does the job, 60 to 70 mph.. The next one up is a race crank, which has about 20mm shaved off to allow slightly more fuel through the unaltered fuel inlet. Mercuer, taiman, all well known makes as well as mallossi.
But you need to know where your going with your tune, mild, fast road, tourer. That kit with a quality crank and match porting, bigger carb and sip road. will give you around 12hp easily, with a race crank 12 to 14 is possible. at this stage you have a nippy tourer capable of around 70 mph all day. Changing gearing and exhaust can give you another 2hp at least.
From their it is fuel inlet widening,full race crank better reeds for that 16 hp area. I have had full race tuned scoots, 18hp malossi 166. Good luck hope this helped.
rob h
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