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Which kit?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:26 pm
by dappa66
Hey, new to site, have been in and out of scooter scene since the early 80s. Always had a vespa, but I have recently acquired a Lml123 star deluxe, Malossi 166 kit, revolver pipe. Quick scoot, (but even quicker when I put Sip road exhaust on it). Anyway, I,m a big chap, 6'4", and i'm looking to put new kit on because I've holed the piston and the barrell is knackered. Whats out there guys?..........really appreciate any thoughts.

Re: Which kit?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:31 pm
by mikey 69
Steadt reliability the 5port 150 standard. 65ish flat out and pretty bullet proof.
Speed merchant? Then another malossi set up on dyno is good. Polini 177cc is good with the right fettling then 70mph + cruise around 60/65. Stay away from dr (don't race) kits as they tend to seize around 3000 plus miles

Re: Which kit?

PostPosted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:24 pm
by Leigh
Hi Dappa66

+1 for what Mikey says above. The decent LML kits are getting difficult to find though, and have gone up in price, so I always use Polini kits now. Plenty of low end torque to pull the larger frame (from my own experience) and are a bit more forgiving with the set up that Malossi's



Re: Which kit?

PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 6:11 pm
by rob h
The malossi is a rev monster, ran mine for years til it ate the engine through milage and wear! Polini is good cast iron 177, designed to produce torque needs careful setting up, good top speed at low revs to prevent seizes. I run the new 177 pinasco alloy kit, similar large ports to the polini in size. With the sip 2 exhaust will sit at 60 mph all day quietly in headwinds, uphill and I regularly sit at 65 in good weather. Not interested in top speed anymore! I am not a light fella, around 16st. The new bgm 177 is giving awesome results, alloy as well.i now like touring, so I ride quitely at 60mph all day don't see the point anymore doing 70 to 75 soon takes toll on the engines, noise, vibration, changing underwear I am just too old!!!