Finally fitted 22t gearing

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Finally fitted 22t gearing

Postby rob h » Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:53 pm

I had a whole day to myself, no interruptions. I have had clutch problems since fitting a beedspeed 21t clutch, strengthened and over 100 quid.put in 22t, still clutch problems! I had a good cosa clutch, in which I was going to put the 21t. It was already soaking in oil, so I stripped the 22t out again and put it in the standard cosa.
Instantly the smooth clutch lever was back, a two finger pull, so I went for a spin. To recap, I have large port lml, pinasco alloy 177 Gran Turismo with large ports, matching 22mm pinasco si fast flow carb and sip 2 exhaust.
The difference between 21 and 22 gearing is only 5% increase but on the road is a lot. Around town travelling at 30 is quieter and smoother, the gearing with the engine low down torque allows less snatchy progress. On the road the longer gearing makes progress so smooth, much less over rev. At 60(true)mph it is so smooth, reminding me of my old p200. 21 gearing was more hooligan, over revving, noise, with quicker accelaration.
Today was quite breezy, I still managed 65mph but much smoother and less noise.
I absolutely love the 22 gearing, a true touring machine now, which was my aim!
rob h
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