putting a sidecar on my scoot!

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putting a sidecar on my scoot!

Postby rob h » Wed Jun 20, 2018 6:02 pm

I have started a blog about putting a watsonian sidecar on my 2009 lml star. You can find PHOTOS at robnissy.simplesite.com, but I will be putting bits on here for those interested. It will take a few weeks as I am having to chop out a concrete gate post for a wider gate, and widen my workshop door first! My wife has recovered from a serious illness and has balance issues to the left, we have rode together for years and we finally found a sidecar. This is because you steer a vespa combo, not really to do with leaning weight.

I have had to phone various agencies, insurance companies, and I think I am now legal! I have a full licence. It seems if you want to carry passengers in the sidecar and on the scooter you have increased the number of passengers from the solo scooters so dvla have to be informed. Insurance companies must be willing to cover up to 3 passengers, include the expense of the sidecar as value of the complete set up! You must mot it as a vespa and sidecar.
The sidecars are rarer now that Watsonian Squire only do sidecar for autos now. If anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer them. Cheers for now. Rob
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