Fitting Tasso Digital TS020 Speedometer

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Fitting Tasso Digital TS020 Speedometer

Postby ejwinn23 » Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:58 am

Hello, I have a Tasso Digital TS020 Speedometer that I would like to fit to my LML Star 4T 200cc. Having read the instructions which are a little vague, it simply says "pull down the 3 plug existing loom and push up the 3 plug loom from the regulator to the handlebar"

How on earth do you do this? there isn't room, has anyone else fitted one of these successfully? if so can I ask how you did it please?

Many thanks in advance...
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Re: Fitting Tasso Digital TS020 Speedometer

Postby maddy7 » Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:19 pm

It's a tight fit. I had trouble feeding the wires down because a dealer had fitted a new clutch cable and routed it down the wrong hole. Anyway I cut the plugs off, pulled them down, soldered them back together and used heat shrink insulation to seal the wires back up. There isn't much room behind the horncast so you need to feed as much wiring behind the legsheild in the recess. There is a black box, the original wires plug in to then there is a wiring loom that needs to be fed up to the clocks. It's easier to undo the handlebar pinch bolt and lift the bars up so there is a gap to get your fingers in to push the wires up. The black box clips behind the horncast reducing the room behind too so routing as much wiring behind the legshield is essential.

A tip if you ever need to cut wires as mentioned above, stagger the cuts so that when you solder them back and need to insulate them you end up with a thinner bundle of wired as the soldered joints are not adjacent to each other.
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Re: Fitting Tasso Digital TS020 Speedometer

Postby ricalnic » Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:08 am

Has anyone feedback on these units ? They look quite the thing. I notice they're not available currently on but would be interested if I could find one, or how often they come in stock
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